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Tuluni Festival Nagaland

Tuluni festival exhibits great importance to the Sumi Nagas of Nagaland. The Sumi people reside in parts leaning towards NorthEast India. 

Tuluni is one among many popular festivals of Nagaland and is of superior adherence to the Sumi people. People usually celebrate this festival with pompous gusto. The tribes of Nagaland take great efforts and pride in celebrating their harvest and seasonal festivals.

 A festival is always in order before and after every harvest season. Tuluni is a harvest festival of the Sumi tribe. People who work effortlessly in farms throughout the year relax during this festival and celebrate with delight. It is in the Sumi culture to arrange betrothal of young couples during the festival.

 The remainder of the festival is celebrated in the heavy observance and execution of various age old rituals and ceremonies. Various things are prepared like rice wine and beer. Animals are slaughtered for meat which is then used in feasts and parties. 

People allow themselves to drink to their heart’s content. Goblets are crafted out of plantation leaves to serve home prepared rice beer. Gifts and ornate tokens are exchanged and appreciation is expressed. The festival celebrates the joy of people for a very fruitful season. Prayers are initiated and Gods are presented with beer prepared out of rice. Food is also given as offering on leaves.

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