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Tropical Forest Alliance

Protecting forests is critical to averting the most dangerous climate change and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Avoiding further deforestation could reduce carbon dioxide emissions by three to four billion metric tons per year – the equivalent of taking half the world’s cars off the road. Natural climate solutions represent more than 30% of cost effective emissions reductions. The Tropical Forest Alliance is a global public-private partnership dedicated to collaborative action to realize sustainable rural development and better growth opportunities based on reduced deforestation and sustainable land use management in tropical forest countries. The Alliance includes more than 150 partners representing the private sector, governments, civil society organizations, indigenous peoples groups and multilateral organizations who are committed to reducing tropical deforestation associated with the production of palm oil, soy, beef and pulp and paper. TFA fosters cross-sector collaboration and involves working across Latin America, West and Central Africa and Southeast Asia to implement these commitments. Action areas for 2019 include: 

–>Facilitate multistakeholder support for jurisdictional approaches to sustainable land-use management by connecting jurisdictions in forest countries

–>Drive 10 priority actions to reduce tropical deforestation from global agricultural supply chains, as defined in the Commodities and Forests Agenda 2020

–>Support and communicate on the progress of commitments to eliminate deforestation from the production of agricultural commodities

–>Engage key emerging markets in efforts to reduce commodity-driven deforestation

TFA is funded by the governments of Norway, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, Germany, and the Gordon and Betty more Foundation and hosted at the World Economic Forum.

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