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The Global Solar Council

The Global Solar Council (GSC), CEO-level industry collaboration, was launched in 2015, following the UN COP 21)
It is international non-profit association of the national, regional and international associations in solar energy and the world’s leading corporations.
It came into being as International Coalition of more than 30 nations, utilising maximum solar energy, decided to harness the renewable energy for the greater good.
It is headquartered in Washington DC.
International Solar Energy Society (ISES), an UN accredited long standing solar organization, is a founding member of the council

The principal members of the Global Solar Council include Australia, China, Europe, India and other Asian countries, Middle East, South America and the US.
Recently the Chairman of India ‘s National Solar Energy Federation Pranav R Mehta has recently chosen as the President of GSC.
National Solar Energy Federation
National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) is an umbrella organization of all solar energy stakeholders of India. This apex solar organization works in the area of policy advocacy and is a national platform for addressing all issues connected with solar energy growth in India.
It consists of leading International, National and regional companies and Includes Solar Developers, Manufacturers, EPC Contractors etc

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