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According to an ancient Santhal mythology,
Marang Buru (God of mountain), Jaher ayo (Goddess of forest) and the elder sister of the santhals,would descend on earth from heaven to pay a visit to their brothers.
To commemorate this event, the harvest festival is celebrated at this time and women decorate their walls with murals of Sohrai arts.
These paintings are believed to bring good luck.
It’s from here that Sohrai art originated, adding to the culture and traditions of India
The women of the community repair their mud walls, floors Decorate the walls with their stunning traditional art.

It is a matriarchal tradition.
From mother to daughter.
These colourful paintings are done totally by using natural pigments mixed in mud —
Kali matti, Charak matti, Dudhi matti, Lal matti (Geru), and Pila matti.
Artists use datoon (teeth cleaning twig) or cloth swabs daubed in different earth colours to paint on the walls — Bulls, horses with riders, wild animals, trees, lotuses, peacocks