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Mog tribe, Sangrai dance and Lokrang Festival

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The mog tribes performed the Sangrai Dance at the five day Lokrang festival which is underway in Bhopal.

About Mog tribe

  • They are descendants of Arakanese people (Rakhine people) inhabiting the state of Tripura (also Mizoram).
  • They are predominantly Buddhists (also worship Ganga and Kali) and their dialects and script are similar to Burmese.
  • It is the traditional dance performed by Mog community of Tripura.
  • It is performed during the Sangrai festival falling on the last day of the month of Chaitra, which is the last month of the Bengali Calendar Year.
  • It was performed for the first time at Rajpath on the occasion of the Republic day parade 2018.

About Lokrang festival/Lokrang Samaroh

  • Lokrang Samaroh is an extravagant festival, organised every year by the Directorate of Culture and Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum (Adivasi Lok Kala Academy).
  • It is usually held in Bhopal 5 days long every year starting on Republic day.
  • Lokrang Samaroh, tries to speculate each of the numerous heritage cultures in this country – Every year with a definite motive.
  • Sometimes it concentrates on West Indian cultures and portrays Goa, Gujarat, and Rajasthan’s heritage while at others it concentrates on the North Indian cultures and focuses on Jammu Kashmir and Himachal heritage.
  • Tribal folk dances are performed, tribal arts are on display.
  • This festival’s actual motive is to erase the geo-political demarcations and make India a unified whole.

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