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Mission Innovation is an international initiative to accelerate public and private clean energy innovation to address the issues of climate change, make clean energy economy to consumers, and generate green jobs and business opportunities.

What is the objective of mission innovation?

The major objectives of the mission innovation are:

  1. Enhance the public sector investment to a substantial level
  2. Increased private sector engagement and investment
  3. Increase international collaboration
  4. Raising awareness of the transformational potential of innovation

How many member countries are a part of the innovation mission?

At present, there are 25 member countries who are a part of the innovation mission.

What are the innovation challenges of Mission Innovation?

Innovation challenges are a major part of the mission innovation that is aimed at leveraging research, development and demonstration (RD&D) in technology areas that could ultimately result in effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy security and creating new opportunities for clean economic growth.

There are 8 innovation challenges under the mission innovation:

  1. IC1 – smart grids
  2. IC2 – Off-grid access to electricity
  3. IC3 – Carbon capture
  4. IC4 – Sustainable bio-fuels
  5. IC5 – Converting sunlight
  6. IC6 – Clean energy materials
  7. IC7 – Affordable cooling and heating of buildings
  8. IC8 – Renewable and clean hydrogen