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Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of Biological information. Through new algorithms and statistical methods scientists can establish relationships between the genomes of various species, which in turn helps in predicting protein structure, nature and their functions. This knowledge further can be used in developing drought-resistant or pest-resistant plant species.

Bioinformatics is all about collecting information regarding biomolecules like DNA, RNA, Protein or chromosomes and using them to develop crops rich in good Protein or minerals.

Several approaches have been applied to reduce the times and costs of vaccine development. One of these approaches is the incorporation of bioinformatics methods and analyses into vaccine development. Through bioinformatics scientists can identify disease-causing bio-organisms and Proteins which protect them or help them in reproduction. Based on this information, scientists can develop vaccines which prohibit their growth. For instance, reverse vaccinology is a methodology that uses bioinformatics tools for the identification of structures from bacteria, virus, parasites, cancer cells, or allergens that could induce an immune response capable of protecting against a specific disease.

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