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To ensure women safety in cyberspace, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has launched an online resource centre to offer help for women in distress on issues pertaining to online safety such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, financial frauds, etc under the ‘We Think Digital’programme, run collaboratively by the Commission, Facebook and Cyber Peace Foundation.  The resource centre can be accessed at www.digitalshakti.org.

The Resource Center will be a milestone as it will help women the safe usage of technology and will also help them to be safe from online threats. It will act as a source of information and support for online presence. The centre will also help in fighting Cyber violence against women and will help prevent tech abuse against them.

The centre will provide information on cyber security in the form of posters, awareness videos, quizzes and self-learning modules which will include lessons with tips for safe usage and reporting and redressal of cybercrimes. The users will also find byte-sized information on various topics of cyber security on the website. The e-learning section of the resource centre will also let the users take a short assessment to gauge the level of knowledge taken through the course. 

The resource centre will also provide information on all the avenues of reporting in case a woman faces any cybercrime. It will provide information on the step-by-step process of reporting on cyber-crime issues including reporting on social media platforms, getting content taken down from websites, etc.

The project was launched as Digital Shakti in 2018 with an aim to help women across the nation to raise the awareness level on the digital front and to train them to fight cyber-crime in the most effective ways. The project has sensitized over 1,75,000 women. The partnership between the three organizations is currently in its 3rd phase and aims to sensitize 1.5 lakh women. National Commission for Women (NCW) Launches Online Resource Center on Cyber Safety Under ‘We Think Digital’ Programme Resource Center to Help Women in Distress on Issues Pertaining to Online Safety Such as Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking, Financial Frauds.

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