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The Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) is a partnership among governments, multilateral development banks, private sector investors, and financiers. It is designed to provide a new way to collaborate on preparing, structuring, and implementing complex projects that no single institution could handle on its own.

The comprehensive project support provided by the GIF draws on the combined expertise of its technical and advisory partners. This group, which includes commercial banks and institutional investors, ensures that well-structured and bankable infrastructure projects are brought to market in a way that sustainably meet the needs of governments and service users. Funding partners provide financial contributions to the GIF.

The GIF partnership is overseen by a Governing Council that supervises strategic programming and funds management as well as the development of operational policies and procedures. It also holds the GIF’s management accountable for delivering on objectives and principles. The Governing Council comprises representatives of funding and technical partners and representatives of emerging markets and developing economies, and is co-chaired by the World Bank Group and a Funding Partner.

An Advisory Council, comprising all GIF partners and co-chaired by the Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer of the World Bank Group together with an Advisory Partner, provides a forum for discussion on the latest developments in infrastructure finance—bringing partners together to discuss issues that are common across GIF-supported projects, to share knowledge and experience, and inform the design of GIF interventions.

Implementation of GIF project activities will be led by technical partners. GIF project teams will comprise technical staff from the GIF’s Technical Partner institutions, as well as the engineering, financial, economic, or legal firms hired with GIF resources. Project teams will be composed according to the demands of a particular project, including region and sector focus, and the skills and expertise required for the proposed activities. Joint project teams may also be formed if the GIF is supporting projects in which more than one technical partner is already closely involved, or as needed to meet the full range of demands of the project.

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