DR Ambedkar IAS Academy

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) has released a new variety of wheat named Pusa Yashasvi.

  • It is also known as HD-3226.
  • It has higher genetic yield potential (at 79.6 quintals) as compared to other varieties of wheat.
  • Pusa Yashasvi has a higher content of zinc, protein, and gluten (which contributes to the strength and elasticity of the dough).
  • The best feature of this variety of wheat is that it is highly resistant against all major rust fungi viz. yellow/stripe, brown/leaf, and black/stem.
  • It is compliant to the conservation agriculture.
    • Conservation Agriculture (CA) is defined as a sustainable agriculture production system that comprises of a set of farming practices adapted to the requirements of crops and local conditions of each region.
      • The farming and soil management techniques in CA protects the soil from erosion and degradation, improves its quality and biodiversity, and contributes to the preservation of the natural resources, water, and air while optimizing yields.
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