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Param Shivay: IIT-BHU’s latest and fastest French-made supercomputer

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated the first of several supercomputers to be installed across India as part of a major three-year deal. The supercomputer is named after the charismatic Indian god Shiva and is called ‘Param Shivay’. The supercomputer of 833 teraflop capacity, built at the cost of Rs 32.5 crore, under the National Supercomputing Mission at IIT-BHU. A postal stamp was also released by the PM on the Centenary Year of the Institute.

The agreement was signed by C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing), an organization within the MeitY (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, India) and French company Atos. “The National Supercomputer Mission (NSM) is an important initiative from the Government of India. This initiative supports the vision of the government’s ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ and it will also play an important role in keeping India in the forefront of the world’s supercomputing map. The research that takes months would be completed in hours or minutes with the help of this supercomputer,” said IIT-BHU Director, Dr Pramod Kumar Jain.

This is part of the NSM (National Supercomputing Mission) — a seven-year plan of Rs 4500 crores ($ 650mn) led by the Government of India which aims to create a network of over 70 high-performance supercomputing facilities for various academic and research institutions across India.”This supercomputing will benefit the faculty members, scientists and research students of IIT-BHU and the university. Apart from this, scientists, teachers and research students, government research laboratories in adjacent engineering colleges of Eastern UP, the projects will be given 40 per cent computer power and the students of Navodaya Vidyalaya will be familiarised with basic supercomputing. The problems of common man related to relevant social issues such as irrigation schemes, traffic management, health will also be taken care of,” PM Modi said.

About the uses of ‘Param Shivay’, Narendra Modi said that indigenous supercomputer software will be developed in various scientific areas, under the supercomputer program. Simultaneously, simulation and modelling will be applied in many areas like climate assessment, weather forecasting, space engineering, seismic analysis, finance, disaster simulation and management, search astrophysics, macro-data analytics, information collection.

These supercomputers, including the recently announced BullSequana XH2000 will be installed in various academic and research institutions. The BullSequana supercomputers are equipped with the latest processors and accelerators on the market, to provide optimal performance and improved energy efficiency. It will be used for academic projects and research. The BullSequana XH2000 can handle converged workloads simultaneously (HPC simulation, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning) on the same one machine, at the same time to enable organizations to overcome the limits of traditional simulations and explore new applications, accelerating business transformation and innovation. 

“We are proud that our BullSequana supercomputer is empowering researchers at the IIT-BHU to accelerate their digital simulation projects. This installation marks the start of a strategic relationship and partnership between France and India and cements our position as the leading supercomputing provider in India for HPC.” said Pierre Barnabé, Chief Operating Officer, Big Data & Security at Atos.

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