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Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Officially termed as the Shaheed Chander Azad Sanctuary, and nestled at the Okhla Barrage over the pristine Yamuna river, is the popular Okhla Bird Sanctuary. Located at the border zone of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, this sanctuary is the home of around 300 different species of birds. A visit to this picturesque place will surely give you some glimpses of some exotic waterbirds. 

It is home to 32 species of reptiles, 7 species of amphibians and 186 plant species.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary, belonging to the State of Uttar Pradesh, has an area of 400 ha, out of which 120 ha falls within the National Capital Region of Delhi.

From the endangered species of white-rumped vulture and Indian vulture, one will also notice here the beautiful Baikal teal, Indian skimmer, sarus crane, Finn’s weaver, Palla’s fish eagle, black-bellied tern, grey-headed fish eagle, bristled grassbird and many others. Thus, you can well understand that the destination happens to be a favorite zone for birdwatchers and ornithologists.

Sprawling over an area of 3.5 square kilometers, this serene location serves as a reposeful retreat for many urban visitors. Besides, birdwatching another appealing sight here is that of the large, crystal clear lake that has been beautifully constructed by damming the river and adds to the aesthetic charm of the place.

The sanctuary abounds in the growth of many towering trees and wetlands which encompasses the entire sanctuary in a canopy of enchanting green hues. The place has many short trails that are ideal for exploration and will be a welcome change for all tourists.

It is an ideal picnic spot where you can seek some quality time with your family, indulge in bird watching, embark on a short hike, and catch a stunning sunset across the lake. Okhla Bird Sanctuary gives you a golden opportunity to spend some refreshing moments in the grace and captivating beauty of nature.

One of the 467 Important Bird Areas (IBA) of the country and is home to a large number of resident, as well as migratory birds like grey-headed fish eagle, Baikal teal, Baer’s pochard and Sarus crane.

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Located at a distance from the main city, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary remains endowed with the enthralling beauty of nature. Being one of the main sanctuaries of the city, this sanctuary has been exclusively designed to cater to the harmonious balance of biodiversity.

So, if you enjoy birdwatching, want to engage in some nature photography or spend some quality time with your family, then this sanctuary is a worthwhile destination for you to be in. 

Tips For Visiting Okhla Bird Sanctuary

For experiencing a perfect trip at the Okhla Bird Sanctuary, visitors should keep some necessary tips in mind.

– The first and foremost thing to remember is when you are on the premises of the sanctuary, maintain silence and do not disturb the serenity of the place with unnecessary commotion. Also, do not litter around the place and use dustbins when needed.

– Choose clothes that are not very flashy and easily tend to camouflage with the natural surroundings. The bright colors might disturb the birds and scare them away.

– You can always carry a field guide and binoculars that will help you to draw more knowledge about specific birds when you spot them.

– Throwing stones at birds, laying loud music and honking remains strictly prohibited. Visitors should not disrupt the peace of the place at any cost.

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