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International Smart Grid Action Network

ISGAN, the International Smart Grid Action Network, is a Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The co-operative programme was formally established in 2011 and is also an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM).

ISGAN is an IEA Technology Collaboration Programme, and as such seeks to support governments and industry with insight and recommendations to high-level decision-makers. In addition, ISGAN closely co-operates with Mission Innovation, a global initiative that promotes the acceleration of the clean energy transition.

ISGAN is an international platform for the development and exchange of knowledge and expertise on smarter, cleaner, and more flexible and resilient electricity grids (“Smart Grids”). ISGAN provides an important channel for the communication of experience, trends, lessons learned, and visions in support of global, national and regional clean energy objectives as well as new flexible and resilient solutions for Smart Grids.


ISGAN is a trusted partner and center of expertise for a growing number of smart grid-related activities and events such as India Smart Grid Week and European Utility Week. Also ISGAN has signed a cooperation agreement with Mission Innovation (MI) Challenge 1 on Smart Grids, championed by the Italian ISGAN Chair.

Other important ISGAN outreach tools are webinars organized by the ISGAN Academy, highly recognized public, Knowledge Transfer workshops, and thematic knowledge exchange events. The latter bring together leading participants from public, private, and academic sectors to engage in discussions and sharing best practices on specific aspects of Smart Grid development, e.g. integration of distributed renewable energy sources and microgrids.

Since 2014, Furthermore, ISGAN has recognized and showcased the leadership and innovation of more than 40 distinguished Smart Grid projects through an annual ISGAN Award of Excellence competitions, each with a new theme in the area of Smart Grid


ISGAN’s objective is to accelerate the development and deployment of smarter, cleaner and more flexible electricity grids around the world. Smart grids enable increased demand response and energy efficiency. 

ISGAN leverages high-level government leadership and industry technology innovation to support greater national ambition in developing and deploying smart grids in ISGAN member country markets and regions.

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