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Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme

Recently, the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme has been activated as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Integrated Disease Surveillance Project was launched by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in assistance with the World Bank, in 2004.

It continued as the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) during 12th Plan (2012–17) under the National Health Mission with a domestic budget.

Under it, a Central Surveillance Unit (CSU) at Delhi, State Surveillance Units (SSU) at all State/Union Territories (UTs) head quarters and District Surveillance Units (DSU) at all Districts have been established.


To strengthen/maintain decentralized laboratory based and IT enabled disease surveillance systems for epidemic prone diseases to monitor disease trends.

To detect and respond to outbreaks in the early rising phase through trained Rapid Response Teams (RRTs).

Programme Components:

Integration and decentralization of surveillance activities through establishment of surveillance units at Centre, State and District level.

Human Resource Development – Training of State Surveillance Officers (SSOs), District Surveillance Officers (DSOs), RRT and other medical and paramedical staff on principles of disease surveillance.

Use of Information Communication Technology for collection, collation, compilation, analysis and dissemination of data.

Strengthening of public health laboratories.

Inter sectoral Coordination for zoonotic diseases.

Helps in Controlling the Disease Outbreak:

Data is collected on epidemic prone diseases on a weekly basis.

The weekly data gives information on the disease trends and seasonality of diseases.

The information is collected on three specified reporting formats, namely “S” (suspected cases), “P” (presumptive cases) and “L” (laboratory confirmed cases) filled by Health Workers, Clinicians and Laboratory staff respectively.

Whenever there is a rising trend of illnesses in any area, it is investigated by the RRT to diagnose and control the outbreak.

IDSP Portal:

The IDSP portal is a one stop portal which has facilities for data entry, view reports, outbreak reporting, data analysis, training modules and resources related to disease surveillance.

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