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Bhoomi Rashi Portal

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The Bhoomi Rashi Portal is an e-Governance initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways.

The portal intends to expedite the process of land acquisition for National Highways.

It has fully digitized and automated the entire process of land acquisition.

It has helped to make land acquisition error-free & more transparent with notifications at every stage being processed on a real-time basis.

Earlier, the acquisition of land for the purpose of National Highway projects, payment of compensation to the landowners etc. was done manually by physical movement of documents.

It had some constraints viz. delay in issuing land acquisition notification, errors in the land/ area details etc.

The portal is integrated with the Public Financial Management System (PFMS) for depositing the compensation in the account of affected/ interested persons on a real-time basis.


With the operation of this Portal, the land acquisition process has been expedited significantly, became error-free and more transparent and the notifications at every stage are being processed on real time basis.

While the physical processing of the cases usually took considerable time, ranging from weeks to even months, and there were errors whose rectification caused further delays,the processing time using this portal has been reduced to less than two weeks in a majority of cases and even a few days in some cases.

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