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Bhashan Char

  • Bangladesh starts relocation of Rohingyas to the newly developed facility at Bhashan Char Island
  • Bhasan Char, also known as Char Piya, is an island in Hatiya Upazila, Bangladesh. It is located in the Bay of Bengal, about 6 kilometres from Sandwip island and 37 miles from the mainland.
  • Bhashan Char is a char land of around 13,000 acres, formed by the accumulation of the silt where the river Meghna meets the Bay of Bengal carrying rich alluvial deposits.
  • Char- lands are a common feature in Meghna and Padma rivers literally mean “Shifting Landmass”.
  • As the name reveals, the char was not part of the permanent land feature of Bangladesh but appeared recently.
  • Bhashan Char is surrounded by a mangrove forest that has given it geographical stability.
  • Bhashan Char is an uninhabited island where the government of Bangladesh has made shelter houses for one lakh Rohingya refugees at an estimated cost of Tk. 2,300 Crore.
  • The environmentalists say that the Bhashan char falls in an ecologically fragile area prone to floods, erosion and cyclones.

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